Cloud Engineer @ Virdata

After having worked for 8 years as an Enterprise Software Consultant, I joined Virdata as a Cloud Engineer.
I’m helping them build a world-class IoT (Internet of Things) platform as a tools & core developer. Scalable solutions are of the utmost importance here, as well as tools and visualizations to analyse and manipulate the internals of these systems.

Open Source GradleFx

I’m the co-founder and project lead of the GradleFx project, a software library available for free to the community, by the community.
This is a Gradle plugin which allows developers to build Flex/Actionscript applications with Gradle.


Sometimes I also build websites. My latest website has a full-fledged admin panel in which the owners can edit the content of the site, providing them value year-round.

Speaking @ BeScala User Group Belgium
@ Adobe User Group Belgium
@ Flex User Group Belgium

I also like to share my knowledge whenever possible.
One of those ways is by speaking at user groups.