My Developer Hardware

As a developer, the choice of hardware to develop on is an important one and very personal. Some work very stationary, others are very mobile. Some work on lightweight websites, others work on heavy data engineering projects. Me personally, I work on a wide range of projects, starting from lightweight Jekyll-based websites such as this one to heavyweight data engineering projects with Kubernetes, Kafka, Docker and JVM-based projects. Therefore my development tools range from lightweight tools such as VIM or Sublime Text to more heavyweight IDEs such as Intellij IDEA. So I need a powerful machine that can handle some load without slowing down and able to achieve relatively fast compile times. In terms of mobility, I generally work about 3 days from home and 2 days in my customer’s office, so I need a system that I can take with me.

These requirements brought me to the following laptop:

Dell XPS 17 9700 (2020 edition)
2x16GB dual-channel 3200MHz memory
1x512GB M.2 SSD (OS)
1x1TB M.2 SSD (programs/data)
17inch Full HD screen

My complete setup at home looks like this:

Home developer hardware setup

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