Yennick Trevels


My 2013: Achievements Unlocked!

At the end of every year I like to summarize what I’ve accomplished during that year. This helps me set goals for the next year and gives a clear indication whether I’m on track for my long-term goals.
This is the first year I’m writing this down in a blog post, visible to everyone, but that (and other things) will keep me pushing forward. So without further ado, my list of achievements of 2013.

Technological Achievements


JavaFx on Android video

Next to Flex, I’m making JavaFx my other front-end focus. So I’ve done quite a few things in JavaFx this year.


This year I decided to learn Scala and the Typesafe stack. To get started I decided to take some courses on Coursera which turned out to be excellent.

  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala: This got me started with the Scala syntax and the functional programming paradigm. This course was 7 weeks long and I had to invest around 10 hours a week to view the lectures and complete the assignments. I completed it with distinction.
  • Principles of Reactive Programming: The follow-up course of the previous one. This extended my Scala knowledge quite a bit while also learning lot’s of things about reactive programming (futures, promises, akka, …). This course was also 7 weeks long and I had to invest around 10 hours a week to view the lectures and complete the assignments. Grading in progress.

Open Source

I’ve also released five versions of GradleFx, of which I’m the co-founder.

  • Version 0.6.3 and 0.6.4: These were both maintenance releases.
  • Version 0.7: This was release that brought support for building Flex-based mobile applications. Most of this implementation was developed by Denis Rykovanov. I finished up the code, created sample projects, wrote the documentation and deployed the release.
  • Version 0.7.1: This was a small maintenance release.
  • Version 0.8: In this release I completely overhauled the FlexUnit integration, which was one of the pain points of GradleFx.


I released two websites this year:

  • (my parents site): For this one I learned CakePHP (for the framework), LESS (for CSS), Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery. I had some experience before with PHP, but it was a bit rusty. In the end this site turned out great for my parents since they can now manage the content via a user-friendly administration section.
  • I’ve build my personal site with Octopress. I wanted to move my blog from Blogger to a more professional environment while also displaying my interests on the homepage.

Personal Achievements

  • Lost 16 kilo’s (35 pounds) in 4.5 months: I finally decided to do something about my weight. Ever since I got my own place I was gaining weight year after year. What made this even worse is that I hate to exercise. Turned out going to a dietitian was the solution for me which provided me with a good eating schedule and a list of allowed products (no exercise, yay!).
  • Repaved our driveway (about 180 square meter) and build a new carport and shed to store our garden tools.
  • Scratched one thing off my bucket list, I bought a sports car. The Toyota GT86, the 2012’s car of the year by Top Gear magazine.


So overall it has been a really busy year. I’ve learned a lot, accomplished many things and I’m planning to do the same next year.
Have you already made up your list of 2013 or your plans for 2014? Make sure to do it as it will help you greatly in achieving your goals. See you next year!